SMS Software and Product Solutions

SMS products for every business large or small

Our SMS software has enabled MessageMedia to build a range of products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Each has a set of unique features that cater for different business needs, but the fundamentals remain the same: we provide a fast, simple way for you to communicate with the people that matter to your business – customers, staff and suppliers. Our standard text message product range includes:



The Web SMS product allows you to send text messages from any computer connected to the Internet, with no software required. Once you’ve logged on, you can send and receive online SMS straight from a Web SMS interface. It’s an ideal way to communicate with your staff, prospects and customers – wherever you or they may be.

Email to SMS


Email to SMS is a text product that allows users to send an SMS text message from within any email client, anywhere in the world, with no additional software required. It is a simple solution designed for a narrow range of use (i.e. sending single as opposed to group messages), as it facilitates basic SMS functionality.

More SMS Products and Features

From your business applications

Reliable, scalable and customisable, SMS API’s provide a simple and powerful way to allow developers to connect to an SMS gateway. The API means you can SMS-enable any application, website or system and send or receive messages around the globe via a range of connection options.

MessageMedia SMS product features:

  • Communicate via XML using SOAP via HTTP/S
  • Use both mobile terminated (MT) and mobile originated (MO)
  • Receive multiple MO messages per transaction
  • Send text as voice to mobiles and landlines
  • Multiple mixed message formats per transaction
  • Delivery receipts and status from Telco carrier
  • Concatenated SMS greater than 160 characters delivered to recipient in single message
  • Generate client proxies
  • XML validation
  • Check and confirm Users, Replies and Reports
  • Delete unsent scheduled messages
  • Block and unblock numbers
  • 100% gateway uptime is guaranteed
  • Easy to import Database Functionality
  • Click Button Integration with Outlook, Outlook Express or on it’s own
  • Forward SMS replies to your Mobile when you’re out of the office

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