SMS Gateway Australia 

An SMS Gateway that’s always open for business

The MessageMedia SMS gateway is built for business. All aspects of the service we provide have been designed with business applications in mind; we understand that when a company is sending a message to a customer that message must get through, securely and on time.

Features of our SMS gateways in Australia;

  • System architecture designed to provide full redundancy
  • Consistent hardware platform with standardised configuration, support and change process and procedures
  • Because we own the network, we manage it, support it and know what’s happening inside it 24/7

Text messaging products that use our gateway are WebSMS, Email to SMS and SMS API.

Our gateway for text messaging is up 100% of the time. Guaranteed.

We guarantee that our multiple gateway networks will always be available. This is achieved by

  • A unique ‘heart beating’ system – in the event a messaging gateway goes down, outbound messaging is automatically re-directed to an available gateway
  • All gateways are directly monitored and managed by MessageMedia systems and personnel
  • End-to-end service delivery is monitored via an independent server
  • All carrier networks are continuously monitored, with automatic alternate routing in the event of a carrier network outage or failure

SMS gateway software that’s built for speed and scale. 

With high throughput capability, MessageMedia can handle extreme volumes of messages. We already support throughput of 9 million messages a day.

The Australian gateway for SMS is onshore which ensures privacy and piece of mind, and on-net so that your critical, time dependent messages are delivered in seconds.

Get started with our free trial to experience the power and speed of MessageMedia’s SMS gateway today.