Send messages straight from your browser
  • Send messages to any network
  • Get replies to your application
  • Send from a reserved name/number
  • Does not support replies
  • Send SMS in bulk
  • Use Contacts, Templates & Field Merge
  • Send from a consistent number
  • Choose short, long & premium numbers
  • Expand reach, reduce costs
  • Fast & reliable service
  • Send/Receive from reserved number
  • Can receive voice calls and texts
  • Track performance & usage
  • Easy & powerful to use
  • Fast & cost-effective option
  • Send/receive from same number
  • Solid reliable reporting
  • Track messages for auditing
  • Cost-effective
  • Interact with Staff & constituents
  • Convert SMS to voice on landlines
  • Helps visually impaired
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Unleash the power of SMS for your business with our MessageMedia SMS API, a simple yet powerful platform which delivers a superio...
18,000 customers worldwide rely on MessageMedia to deliver their messages.
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