REST is a software architecture framework that provides a simpler integration alternative to SOAP, SMMP and WSDL based web services.  REST integration is very easy to write and test, and the REST API interacts with nearly every HTTP client, in just about any programming language you may care to use.

Why use REST for SMS integration?

REST is well suited for basic integration scenarios – such as SMS integration.  It is a web developer and designer-friendly protocol, which offers lower barriers to entry than comparable web service protocols such as SOAP and WSDL.

REST architectural style offers a number of significant architectural benefits, such as performance, scalability, simplicity, modifiability, visibility, portability, and reliability, which have been widely acknowledge throughout the developer community.

Reduce latency by explicitly adding cache constraints to REST URIs to partially or completely eliminate some interactions.  Reducing latency can improve efficiency, scalability, and user-perceived performance in one step.

The simplicity of the REST component interaction has significant positive impacts on scalability by reducing semantic complexity.  Component simplicity also increases the effectiveness of a number of performance tuning measures, in addition to caching.

The REST layered HTTP system allows additional components, including firewalls, gateways and proxies, to be easily introduced at various points throughout the transfer protocol without altering the interfaces between the components themselves.

REST makes use of standard HTTP methods, including GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE, and is based on the same well-understood architectural style as the World Wide Web itself – known as RESTful.

MessageMedia’s RESTful API

Applications that conform to REST constraints are described as “RESTful”.  We are in the process of developing an SMS gateway REST API that follows the best practices in RESTful API design – so stay tuned.

If you have any questions about which protocol is best for your SMS integration, get in touch to talk to one of our SMS integration specialists today.

SMS Developer Resources

MessageMedia have a comprehensive range of developer APIs, resources, tools and documentation, to support integration with off the shelf software packages, in-house systems, and websites; these include:

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