Appointment Reminder SMS

Why send appointment reminders using SMS?

Business SMS appointment reminders are a simple, effective and inexpensive way to reap the benefits of improved communication with your customers.  Two-way SMS reminders allow your customers the convenience of automatically confirming, rescheduling or cancelling their appointments.  While click-through links can direct customers to account payment gateways or other web interfaces.  In one automated step you can increase productivity, cut administration costs and improve engagement with your customers.

SMS reminders are cheaper and more effective

SMS reminder messages offer a number of significant benefits over other more ‘conventional’ communication methods:

  • SMS messaging is cheaper per unit than ‘snail’ mail and far more responsive.
  • SMS is much less intrusive than a phone call, and more likely to generate a ‘positive’ response.
  • Over 90% of SMS is read within 30 seconds, where email is often ignored or deleted unread.
  • Automated SMS reminders require far less admin and management time than mail, email or phone calls.

Who is using SMS reminders?

Everybody. SMS reminders are increasingly popular across all types of industries and business models: from hospitals, GPs and medical practices, to financial institutions, retailers and all sorts of service providers.  SMS reminders are being used for appointment and booking reminders and confirmations, billing and accounts follow-up, and even parcel collection notifications.  Their proven effectiveness is a big part of their popularity.

Customers prefer SMS reminders

SMS reminders have been shown to cut no-show rates by 50%, as well as greatly reducing the frequency of last minute cancellations.  Customers actually prefer SMS reminders and view them as a convenience rather than an imposition or interruption.  By using SMS appointment reminders you are ensuring that your customers have all the important details stored right there on their phone.

SMS reminders integrate easily with your current systems

Using an integrated SMS reminder system enables you to automate all kinds of client communication.  Using flexible APIs, you easily can integrate SMS reminders with your existing customer database or appointment system.  You can implement automated two-way messaging that allows your clients to not only receive reminders of their appointments, but also to confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointment – all automatically.

MessageMedia SMS reminders offer full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications. This means they can integrate smoothly with your existing customer relationship management and accounts systems to dispatch automated payment reminders with customisable messaging and links; cutting your collections costs and improving your revenue stream in one easy step.

MessageMedia are the SMS reminder experts

If you’d like to find out how MessageMedia SMS reminders can help you cut no-shows, increase revenue and improve customer engagement, talk to one of our specialists today.