SMS Competitions Solutions 

Build brand preference with SMS competitions

SMS messaging gives you a direct channel to your customer. Their mobile number almost never changes, unlike their address or email.

SMS competitions drive sales and build brand equity. An SMS competition can help you learn about your audience, building customer loyalty and long-term relationships.

The data captured by the SMS competition provider delivers benefits including:

  • Customer retention and improved loyalty,
  • Increased average purchase amount, value and/or frequency,
  • Positive brand association,
  • Increased brand recognition,
  • Attract new customers or influence a brand switch.

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Drive sales with SMS competitions

We’ve got clients who use text messaging in a variety of ways including competitions that drive foot traffic into retail stores or click traffic to their online store.

You send messages to drive response. Your campaigns are often time sensitive or event based. Reliable and speedy delivery is vital to your success. “Late” and “lost” are response killers. You want delivery. You demand ease of use.
We get the message. And so will your customers.

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