SMS for Customer Feedback

SMS is perfect for customer reviews, surveys and feedback because it is fast, efficient and convenient. SMS reviews can give you real insight, instantly.

Customer feedback can help you better understand your customers, and asking for their feedback keeps them loyal, resulting in brand preference, repeat sales and referrals.

Long-winded mail-based surveys and outbound calls are costly and ineffective. And response rates are terrible at best. Even email doesn’t generate the interest you need to get enough data.

Boost Response Rates with SMS

Here are our top tips for your SMS survey or market research:

  • Keep it short – Short surveys enjoy higher response rates. SMS forces you to be short and to the point.
  • Provide value – Improve response rates by offering an incentive or something of value to your customer. This can be a great way to get reviews and testimonials.
  • Follow up – Sending out reminder messages can also lift response rates. Send one or two reminders, and try sending them on different days and at different times.

Customer Feedback in a Flash

You can get immediate feedback from customers using SMS. It’s quick and easy to send out surveys or follow-up messages requesting an SMS review. By using keywords and prompts, you can have customers rate their experience, their salesperson, the product they bought or the service they received.

You can then match that feedback to customer and staff profiles in your CRM or in-house system to zero in on opportunities to improve your competitive advantage. It’s also easy to track the feedback over time to measure those improvements and multiply your results.

SMS reviews can differentiate your business and make it unique. Survey programs that use SMS are quick and easy to implement and allow you to measure customer feedback on any aspect of your business anytime.