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Enterprise SMS Solutions 

MessageMedia are a trusted provider of enterprise SMS solutions to Australia’s leading organisations.  We have helped some of Australia’s largest corporations lower costs, raise productivity and increase customer engagement, with our secure, reliable SMS products and services.   Our multi-industry expertise includes banking, retail, transport, manufacturing, technology and sales.  Talk to one of our enterprise SMS specialists today about what we can do for your business.

Benefits of Enterprise SMS

Added security

Enterprise SMS provides an added layer of security to your operational transactions.  Two factor authentication via SMS enables you to protect your clients’ information, and minimise security breaches in your own systems.  SMS is ideal for user registration, transaction confirmation, login authentication, password resets, and more.

Value add customer services

Streamline your customer service processes and costs by using SMS to send order confirmations, service or pickup status and reminders, and even to support mobile ticketing.

Promotions and events

With 90% of messages read within 30 seconds, SMS is unbeatable for real time marketing of promotions and events.  Enterprise SMS solutions utilising keywords and 2 way messaging can support opt in/opt out responses and scheduling, together with information capture and automatic updating of your ERP and CRM systems.

Internal security

Improve management of internal security and operational incidents by using enterprise SMS services to trigger internal alerts, track events, automatically escalate incidents, and manage resources.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

SMS communication has a far better response rate than email, twitter and phone calls.   By automating communications you can increases efficiency and engagements, while reducing operating costs and lost opportunities.

Enterprise SMS Features

Email to SMS utilises your enterprise email system to send SMS messages and receive replies.  This means that any application or device that can send email is automatically SMS enabled as well.  This product enables you to stay under budget, within IT policy guidelines, and get total control without the training overheads. The solution provides seamless access for authorised staff from desktop or notebook with nothing to install or configure.  Detailed online delivery reports and full message tracking are available in real time, via any web browser.

Web SMS offers secure access for authorised staff and stakeholders from any web browser.  Upload broadcast data securely from your line of business systems, with the responsiveness to send large batches, single messages or anything in between.  Track and manage replies with threaded conversation views and gain efficiency without disruption.

Users can access online, real-time, detailed cost and usage reporting across the organisation, including straight-forward data export features.  Administrators can add and manage users, set and forget access policy decisions, and manage template enforcement to ensure messaging standards are met.  With nothing to download and no additional components to install, this SMS service is available anytime and anywhere.

Integrate and automate enterprise business applications and processes and start cutting costs quickly with comprehensive developer APIs and SDKs.  Our XML Soap APIs and SDKs support integration with off the shelf software packages, and in-house systems, portals, intranets and websites; providing you with choice of language and connection method, without sacrificing functionality.  We offer full support for popular programming languages, including .Net, PHP and Java.  Be confident that data compliance and privacy is protected thanks to secure communication channels, including Secure FTP and HTTPS.  We also provide a range of solid technical documentation and resources.

Why MessageMedia

 Guaranteed Reliability

MessageMedia offer guaranteed reliability across our full range of SMS services for enterprise.  We understand that risks must be managed and that failure is not an option.  So we deliver.  In fact, we deliver over 25 million messages a month across Australia, for more than 18,000 customers, and to around 145,500 users worldwide.  Our exclusive 100% Gateway uptime guarantee means that you can trust our service and reliability because we put our money where our mouth is. If we ever let you down, you get your money back. Guaranteed.

24/7 Support

We are a global company with a local base and we’re available to you 24/7.  Our support services will answer your call, day or night, in our office.  That means you get responsive, expert advice and technical support, whenever you need it; together with prompt, accountable, follow-up and resolution.

Experience counts

MessageMedia have been providing premium SMS services to businesses large and small for 15 years.  We really do know what we’re doing, and this means that we are trusted by some of Australia’s leading enterprise organisations.  We’re software integration specialists and have partnered with software developers to help our clients achieve the most from their applications.  We know the business cases for industries and SMS applications inside out and we can help you find the best possible solution.

Expert advice

Yes, we deliver SMS messages. But our real expertise is solving business problems and creating success for our customers.  Leverage our experience and expertise to lower costs, raise productivity, increase sales, save time, manage risk and increase customer engagement.  By choosing MessageMedia, you automatically get the benefit of our significant experience every step of the way.  We provide the expert analysis and advice that will ensure your business requirements are full met.

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