SMS Sales and Customer Service Solution 

Sales and service

Sales and customer service go hand in hand and there are some simple ways you can get great results using SMS services for sales.

  • Let customers know there’s an item ready for collection.
  • Advise people when product servicing is completed.
  • Inform customers when a delivery has been dispatched.
  • Tell them that an invoice has been sent and is due for payment.
  • Contact customers with marketing offers and discounts.
  • Let them know new stock has arrived.

SMS boosts sales results

When you implement SMS to connect with customers, you improve their service experience and lower your costs to serve. It’s a cost-effective contact method and is great for notifying customers of special deals, promotions and competitions. With more customers coming through the door more often, revenue from planned and impulse purchases can increase significantly.

One of our retail customers sent 10 messages as a trial and the next day two people who received the SMS came in to the store, which resulted in $3,000 worth of sales.

See how Eckersley’s implemented an SMS solution to deliver a better experience for its customers.

Keyword promotions

You can use SMS to increase sales through keyword promotions. This can help attract new customers and capture a database with every message received. You can boost sales results through improved customer profiling and tightly targeted offers. Access to real time detailed reports allows you to gain complete control over your messaging and provides the metrics and analytics to maximise your effectiveness.

Selling time

If you’re selling your time, send appointment reminders and avoid a no show. An empty time slot is profit forever lost. Using SMS to sell your time is cheaper and more effective than following up by phone, letter or email. You can automate SMS messaging by integrating through your business software or use our stand alone Web to SMS product.

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