Staff Rostering Software 

Staff and rostering

For industries that undertake staff scheduling and rostering such as emergency services, manufacturing and health, a big issue is efficient workforce management and communication. Finding yourself short staffed on the job can be a sales and profit killer. When you add the complication of a casual workforce in industries such as the hospitality industry, roster difficulties multiply.

Using SMS for staff rostering delivers improved customer service and business productivity. In some industries where it can help businesses avoid calling in agency services, SMS could represent significant cost savings; for emergency services SMS could be life saving.

Improve attendance rates

There are many case studies that support the suggestion that automating roster communication can have a positive business impact. Put simply, shift notifications and reminders improve attendance rates.

Shift availability notifications can be used

  • to fill absentee shifts,
  • cover busy periods and holidays, or
  • manage last minute changes or emergencies.

Automated rostering systems that utilise SMS for notifications are a very cost effective way to address these issues and are especially useful for field staff, employees without access to computers, casuals and part timers.

Reduce costs

Automatically message staff and offer vacant roster spots and use two-way messaging to fill the roster with staff eager for work. This creates opportunity for you and your staff through visibility and it means you save on casual labour hire and expensive agency fees.

“A healthcare customer using SMS for staff rostering communication said that SMS not only simplified the communication processes, but proved to be a much more effective method for contacting staff, who prefer receiving a text message which they can respond to quickly and easily, rather than waiting around for a phone call.”

A high open rate is key to filling last minute roster vacancies. Coupled with the fact that nearly every Australian adult owns a mobile and over 80% of people never leave home without their mobile phone in hand.

Get great ROI

Other organisations that are harnessing the power of SMS to manage shifts, staff rosters and mobile workforce communication are experiencing immediate results and an excellent return on investment.

“A customer told us that SMS delivered a massive ROI for their business because it has a 30% higher first time strike rate than traditional phone calls, which allows them to achieve a first contact strike rate of over 65%. The flow on effect from this is that agency use drops significantly saving the business hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Talk the business SMS experts today about learn how we can help you implement SMS for staff rostering into your business systems.