Awesome Culture

What we value

For over a decade we’ve consistently delivered results for our clients in a myriad of ways. That longevity of performance is down to one thing. The simple fact that we aim for excellence, every day, in every thing we do. That’s why we’re Australia’s largest specialist SMS messaging provider, trusted by over 18,000 customers and more than 145,500 users worldwide.

We want to always create value for our customers through world-class products and exceptional customer service and so our company values align with that vision. With an external focus we

  • meaningfully connect with our stakeholders
  • are in tune with, an anticipate customer needs
  • have the customer in mind, building solutions to drive profitability.

We are courageous and imaginative. Our people are willing to take risks and embrace failure when it happens and grasp the learnings. We welcome opposing thoughts and ideas and are open and honest with ourselves and each other.

We make things happen by

  • taking ownership, clarifying accountabilities, holding others accountable and following through
  • being resourceful and finding solutions to obstacles
  • having a sense of urgency and desire for action and speed without compromising quality

We rely on people who are focused, and who challenge the status quo. We hire team players who use their initiative and make decisions, implementing better ways of doing things. Our team looks to seek out the simple solutions in a complex environment and is able to focus on key goals while dealing effectively with day-to-day responsibilities.

We respect talent and promote it. Experience and enthusiasm are non-negotiable. Fun is mandatory too.

We love working with energetic, spirited people. Our team members are proud and passionate, they are caring and helpful to others. We do the right thing by the community. We give back. We won’t work with adult services, gambling, spammers, or scammers. That’s none of our business.

Our 5 key Growth Values are;

External Focus

Energy and Spirit

Courage and Imagination

Makes things Happen

Challenge and Focus

Our Offices

Our company culture

To be the number one globally recognised business SMS solutions provider, we need to provide the right environment for our people. Ours is all about creating a culture of excellence and a fun place to work which allows us to grow and retain a highly efficient and engaged team that loves working together.

We attract and retain the best people. We achieve great commercial results. Our talented, enthusiastic team generates positive outcomes everyday.

We’re not a company with a lot of rules and a strict hierarchy. We don’t intend to become one. We have an open, collaborative approach that encourages innovation, passion and out-performance. We’re growing quickly and expanding overseas. Our team can see they’re part of something special, and the opportunities are endless.

Our people thrive on challenging work. They describe the company culture as open, passionate and results-orientated and they form strong team bonds from a united sense of purpose. They know their stuff inside out. So they take ownership and go the extra mile. They work together to deliver customers the results they need. As a company, we give them every opportunity to make that happen.

Work to live, live to work

Experience tells us that high achievers get the best results when they own their role. We’ve built a culture and reward structure that means you can customise your work to meet your needs.

Here are few ways we help our people achieve balance:

  • Incentives for high achievers. Do more, earn more. Let your results do the talking.
  • Flexible work hours. What works for you? We’ll try hard to make it work.
  • Casual work environment. No stuffed shirts here. Every day is casual Friday.
  • Subsidised gym membership. Because your health is important.
  • Team building events. Work together, play together.
  • Giving back program. Support the community. Make a positive difference.

Would you like to join us? Apply any time. Exceptionally passionate and talented people are always welcome.