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Too Many SMS Outages Lately?

Posted by: MessageMedia

Operational outages affecting critical activities such as communications to your customers can not only be frustrating but can also have negative financial impacts. If your business relies on time-sensitive communications such as SMS, can you afford your provider having an outage or going down?

Messaging System Means Faster Payments, Lower Overheads

Posted by: MessageMedia

In this new case study, read how Jacaranda Finance found that by using SMS to remind clients of payments, there has been a 66.6 percent increase in clients making on-time payments.

Notifications and Alerts Reduce Admin, Increase Efficiency

Posted by: MessageMedia

Our latest case study shows how Central Kids Early Education communicates with parents and families via SMS messaging. Using such a simple system has reduced workloads, especially the administrative burden on staff generating emails or letters to parents, or chasing up responses.

Five Ways to Reduce Costs in Health Services with Business Messaging

Posted by: MessageMedia

Cutting unnecessary costs is vital for healthcare and allied health services such as dentistry, optometry, veterinary, physiotherapy and many others. There are five ways you can reduce your costs simply and effectively with messaging in healthcare: Cut missed appointments or bookings Have the right staff when you need them Reduce the cost of chasing payments … Continued

Three Features You Must Have in Your Business Messaging Tool

Posted by: MessageMedia

In selecting a business messaging tool, there are three critical features that ensure you have the best business messaging solution now – and for the future. Feature 1. Excellence in the basics The best business messaging tool gets the basics right and your messages get out quickly, every time. SMS messaging is the fastest way … Continued

Five Ways Utility Companies Can Make Billing Payments Easy

Posted by: Tom Dupuche, Product Manager, MessageMedia

Getting bills paid on time is challenging for any business, especially utility companies. Late payment affects revenue while chasing bills wastes time and productivity. Enter FlickPay – the billing payment solution that could actually have your customers paying early! In busy times, paying bills is a low priority, especially when it’s a letter floating around … Continued

How SMS Automation Can Improve Your Business Communication

Posted by: MessageMedia

Today’s business is all about connectivity, be it between friends, employees, departments, your customers or prospects. Backed by the latest technology, it’s the 24X7 business eco-system, that has increased the pressure of performance. Phone calls and emails will always be present in our day-to-day communication but SMS can be a far less intrusive way to … Continued

The Power of SMS – A Two-Way Conversation with Your Customers

Posted by: Casey Waters

Think about the most recent SMS you received from a business or an organisation. The alert made you check your phone or smart watch – they certainly got your attention, but did any of them ask you to respond? SMS isn’t a replacement for email marketing, it’s a channel where a more informal conversation can … Continued

SMS Ordering to Increase Customer Satisfaction and ROI

Posted by: MessageMedia

Just when you thought online ordering couldn’t get any easier and faster, SMS ordering has made it possible. SMS ordering facilitates faster and more convenient customer orders to further enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, thereby, growing your business and increasing your return on investment (ROI). SMS ordering is useful just for the sole purpose of … Continued