2 Factor Authentication SMS for Peace of Mind

Posted by: MessageMedia

Smartphones have become a must have tool amongst today’s business professionals, with SMS in particular now one of the most popular ways we communicate with one another and online web browsing close to overtaking desktop as the preferred medium of choice. This naturally has given rise to concerns surrounding the security of online information and more specifically, the ability to properly identify individuals accessing bank, email or other personal online accounts from remote locations.  This is where the value of MessageMedia’s 2 Factor Authentication SMS feature comes to the forefront: an additional layer of security for a wide variety of online transactions requiring proper identification of the individuals involved. Using tried and tested 2 Factor Authentication (or 2FA) technology, MessageMedia makes use of Tokens and One Time Passwords (OTP) to maintain the integrity of your networks and protect against unauthorised access from unknown users.


One Time Password SMS: Secure & Instantaneous Identification 

As a customer you’ve likely been in the same situation before, you’ve just arranged a payment from your online bank account to a new biller, perhaps you’ve recently switched telco or changed your gas and electricity provider. But your bank must confirm your ID before the payment can be processed and your bills paid on time, so they send an automatic SMS to your smartphone with a unique number you need to enter in order to proceed. This in essence is the definition of a One Time Password (OTP), which is a unique combination of numbers or letter that can only be sent once to a particular mobile phone number and is valid for only one login session or transaction. What’s even better is MessageMedia can integrate our OTP feature into your existing 2FA solution so users without a smartphone can still receive One Time Passwords which allow them to proceed with important online transactions. One Time Passwords of this kind doesn’t require any additional hardware or downloads from the users end, just the ability to receive a simple SMS message.


The Benefits of 2FA, OTP: Inexpensive & Immediate

The benefits of using our MessageMedia 2 Factor Authentication SMS technology and in particular its One Time Password (OTP) feature are many and ideally suited to the contemporary business and consumer environment which requires instant, responsive communication. The key benefit of 2FA is the fact that any mobile phone with text message capability (virtually every phone nowadays) can receive a One Time Password instantaneously once requested, independent of device and operating system. Due to the exclusively text-based nature of OTP, this platform is also very inexpensive to implement and utilise, with the cost of a single OTP message virtually negligible, not to mention it works across a variety of applications such as VPN’s, customised web portals and Citrix amongst others. Most importantly, 2FA provides superior security benefits in terms of verifying the identity of individuals logging in to a particular online account from a remote location or attempting to conduct an online transaction, with each OTP message unique, limited to only one login and usually time limited as well.

  • 2FA can work with any SMS-enabled mobile phone (virtually every model nowadays)
  • Device and OS independent
  • Inexpensive to implement and use, with the cost of a single OTP message negligible
  • Minimal on-going administration
  • Provides superior security benefits, such as unique, time-limited OTP’s (One Time Passwords)

Whatever the scale and scope of your business or organisation, call MessageMedia today on 1800 009 767 or visit us at www.messagemedia.com.au to learn how our 2 Factor Authentication and OTP SMS solutions can improve the security and integrity of your online networks.