7 Reasons SMS Should Be Used For Customer Engagement

Posted by: MessageMedia

We love our mobile phones and there’s no doubt about it. Imagine a world without your smartphone! How would you entertain yourself or go about your daily business? Chances are you more than likely check your mobile phone even when it’s not even ‘Buzzing’. We can access our e-mails, favourite applications, the internet, news article and talk to family and friends all over the world on our mobile phones.

If the mobile is so popular, shouldn’t all businesses make SMS a priority when trying to engage with their customers?

Customer engagement is very important when running a business. SMS allows you to not only communicate effectively in real-time with your customers, it also allows you to target different segments for different needs and preferences. In today’s day and age, customers want to be engaged with via their mobile phones. It’s more convenient and you can be confident that they will receive your message.

7 reasons your business should be using SMS to engage with your Customers.

1.) Instant communication method and very cost effective.

2.) Deliver the right information at the right time to your target audience with as little as 160 characters.

3.) NO internet connection or Wi-Fi needed to receive an SMS.

4.) Personal and requires an opt-in from customers who want to hear from your business.

5.) High ROI allowing you to sell more and drive brand awareness.

6.) Better customer experience which will build customer loyalty.

7.) Your competitors are using SMS to engage with their customers.

Many industries have adopted a mobile approach and since we know texting is one of the most popular mobile activities today, businesses need to take advantage of this opportunity and engage with customers via their mobile phones.

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