Contact Centre Week: The Omni of Things to Come

Posted by: Dimitri Tsitsikas

Author: Dimitri Tsitsikas, Director, Strategic Relationships at MessageMedia

Dimi blog post imageListening to a guest speaker in year 8 I remember vividly being told to seal my lips (it was more like shut them) to remain silent and possibly just possibly may hear something that will inspire.

Listening (with lips sealed) to some of the speakers at Contact Centre Week on the Gold Coast this month allowed me to reflect amongst a number of topics covered over the two day event, on the Digital Transformation taking hold in many organisations

What is clear as daylight is that we are living in a period that is changing rapidly. It is a period that we in business need to get a handle on what matters to our customers and honouring this understanding in the design of those customer experiences.

It is a given that businesses want to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies and importantly to meet and exceed customer expectations on service. There are many elements that go a long way in helping reach these goals beginning with people capability. The rapidly evolving technological landscape will or has in many instances forced the hand of businesses using traditional methods of communication. We have entered the period of the Omni Channel Customer. Let us not however confuse OMNI with Multi…….. where we are seeing consumers and business users increasingly making themselves heard through email, Web, mobile, SMS and now social media. I recently read that over 60% of customers change the contact channel being used within a single enquiry.  This results in most businesses struggling to offer a consistent experience across these channels. This was one of the themes explored. How do we make the experience a seamless one that leaves a lasting impression on the customer and builds a better relationship.

Give me options – communicate with me in using the medium that I prefer. Don’t make an assumption that I prefer a voice call over a tweet or a text message over an email.

Interestingly, the medium that gets most cut through based on a myriad of independent research pieces is SMS/TXT messaging. There have been countless articles on the topic some of which we have contributed to.

In the context of the contact centre and improving outcomes. Think about the time we have a conversation with an agent only to finish the call and forget key points from the call. Could we not receive an SMS with a summary of key points or to encourage further action. Even better still why not automate workflow so txt messages are sent automatically following every call or based on certain criteria. Agents carry on doing what they are there to do… help customers. Customer in turn get follow-up messages quickly and efficiently.

Documented ROI for the use of SMS within the contact centre hasn’t featured prominently compared to other industries that we at MessageMedia are supporting. However, certain applications that SMS messaging is powering within the Contact Centre has allowed organisations to achieve great results.

The factors which underpin the effectiveness of SMS within the OMNI Channel Mix in the context of Contact Centres are not new. However there are countless examples where a blast and pray for the best solution has resulted in a less than perfect experience which ultimately hurt brand equity.

Key to any digital transformation project in the contact centre is the customer, listening and responding to their insights and also ensuring you have the right technology partners this includes specialists in each medium within the OMNI Mix… inclusive of SMS.

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