Time is Money! Fill your Diary with Profits

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When Time is Money, Fill your Diary with Profits If appointments are the lifeblood of your business, late cancellations or ‘no-shows’ can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue and reduced staff productivity. This is especially true for industries that are characterised by high appointment costs such as health and finance & banking. Tight appointment … Continued

Top 3 Industries Adopting Mobile Communications For Their Business

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The digital revolution has touched every industry, in big and small ways. Being ahead of the curve with online and mobile technology has worked wonders for particular industries that are well-suited to the personal, immediate and convenient nature of SMS communication. Here’s a rundown of the top industries where SMS marketing and comms are making … Continued

SMS for Healthcare

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SMS is a very powerful tool which can deliver significant benefits to organisations operating within the healthcare sector. From sending automated appointment reminders and medication reminders to patients, scheduling staff shifts fast and efficiently, to creating customised healthcare marketing programs which might include motivational messages or details of new medication, our MessageMedia Healthcare SMS solutions … Continued