How to Utilise SMS Marketing Effectively for Mother’s Day

Posted by: MessageMedia


Mother’s Day is fast approaching! This special occasion is a way to show Mother’s how much they’re appreciated and loved. The average person will spend $126.90  every year on Mother’s Day. (1) Your Business can take advantage of this day by sending an SMS Marketing Campaign out to all of your customers and offer a Mother’s Day Promotion.

This is a great opportunity for your Business as it  can drive foot traffic and increase sales around this busy time of the year. Utilise SMS Marketing effectively this year and get one step ahead of your competitors.

5 Ideas and SMS Marketing Examples for Mother’s Day.

SMS can be used in every Industry, the main thing to think about when considering an SMS Marketing campaign is if your customers will benefit from these special offers for Mother’s Day. Make full use of your SMS database to increase revenue around one of the busiest times of the year.

1.)      City Breaks

SMS Marketing for Mother's Day

2.)      Spa Package

SMS Marketing for Mother's Day

3.)      Giftsets

SMS Marketing for Mother's Day

4.)      Dinner Reservations

SMS Marketing for Mother's Day

5.)      Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gift

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