How media consumption habits are changing with smartphones

Posted by: Account Management

Even with such new technology there’s already a hacky old joke about the hi-tech computer in your pocket: “You can even use it make phone calls!” The smartphone is now central to almost everyone’s communication and entertainment lives.

Deloitte’s 2015 Media consumer survey and the 2014 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) clearly demonstrate how Australians value and utilise the technology in our palms.

One device to rule them all

These recent surveys show that more and more Australians are glued to the small screen.

Over 80% of us own a smartphone, a higher percentage than laptops, tablets, smart watches and fitness bands. The smartphone was the most valued device for more than half of respondents in the surveys. In fact, 61% of respondents to AMPLI said they’d choose their phone over their TV.

More amazingly, research has shown that Australians collectively look at their smartphones over 440 million times per day. That’s 440 million impressions. Per day. And it’s all day long, with 80% of people checking their phone within an hour of waking, and 72% checking in within an hour of sleeping.

The centre of modern entertainment

Smartphone usage has joined watching television as our preferred choice of accessing entertainment.

So what are we looking at? In order of frequency: social media, messaging, video streaming, accessing news, and music streaming.

And we’re skilled multi-taskers, with huge percentages of smartphone use during other activities.

  • 94% while shopping
  • 92% while at work
  • 88% while on public transport
  • 83% while watching TV

With mobile technology, Australians are always connected to communication and entertainment channels, and the levels of engagement are remarkable.

Capture eyeballs with SMS

Customer habits already indicate that this is an upward trend – more engagement with mobile, and more integration into all aspects of life.

According to the statistics, SMS is the first thing Australians check in the morning. A full 90% of respondents used SMS to communicate and 33% use MMS. So messaging is a great way to access customers.

While the statistics also show that 48% of smartphone users would prefer not to receive offers from favoured brands via SMS, that leaves more than half that would. Of these receptive users, half are receptive to promotions when they’re near retail outlets and the other half would rather get them at home or while commuting.

MessageMedia SMS strategies for sales

With hundreds of millions of smartphone checks every day, the primacy of SMS interaction, and over half of the populace being receptive to SMS interaction, brands that don’t market via SMS are ignoring a lucrative communication stream.

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