How To Boost Your Revenue With Public Holiday SMS Marketing

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In this post, we’ll examine how you can boost your revenue with Public Holiday SMS Marketing.

Characteristically, public holidays are responsible for decreased revenue across the majority of industries within our economy. The Australian Retail Association, for example, claims that, “the retail sector has experienced various economic difficulties from the manufacturing downturn, over regulation, an inflexible wages system which clearly shows its impact during public holidays.”   These discrepancies appear to be felt by the entire market during such times, resulting in a desire for businesses to try and counteract the public holiday effect. One promising medium that can help businesses during these periods is SMS marketing. Through the proper implementation of Public Holiday SMS Marketing it is possible to maximise reach and create opportunities for growth, even on public holidays.

Why Use SMS?

The total reach of SMS text messaging is far superior to any other current medium.


iPhone 300 million (download iPhone apps)


Tablets (any OS) 600 million owners


Whatsapp 900 million active users


Facebook on mobile 1.2 billion mobile users


Skype 1.2 billion on any tech


Android 1.3 billion download Android apps


Facebook (all tech) 1.4 billion active users


PC (all types) 1.5 billion


Email on mobile 2.2 billion active users


Mobile internet 2.2 billion active users


Email on any tech 2.5 billion active users


Internet on any tech 3 billion active users


SMS text messaging 5.4 billion active users


Data collected from multiple public sources 2014-2015 and presented by Tomi Ahonen Consulting, June 2015

SMS is a cost effective and efficient way of distributing information in what is often a crucial period for businesses. Its value is comparatively greater than its other mass marketing channel counterparts with favourable data illustrating its dominance. With reference to the work of Tomi Ahonen:

  • 98% of SMS messages being read (vs. one fourth of emails).
  • Most SMS text messages are read within 5 seconds of receipt (vs. emails often read only 24 hours or 48 hours from receipt).
  • SMS campaigns gets response rates on the 20% and 30% range (vs. internet click-through rates in the 0.2% to 0.3% range, i.e.SMS is one hundred TIMES better at engagement than the internet).

It is through the use of SMS that businesses can optimise the amount of people who will be informed about what they have on offer before, during, and after public holidays. What can convert this reach into consumer action is the content of the message. Content is key as with mass marketing the audience can tend to be autonomously dismissive.   Such views were investigated in a study conducted by Professor Ruth Rettie which showed that in relation to the marketing role of mobile-commerce, most respondents were concerned about junk messages and wanted to control incoming messages.  It also suggested that initial attitudes to advertising in text messages were negative, but many were prepared to accept advertising in exchange for discounts or promotional offers. With this understanding, it assists greatly in developing appropriate content to engage target market and evoke a positive response.

Easter Sale SMS Marketing

What to offer?

Opening Times

If the business is closed on public holidays, an SMS notifying your market can be perceived as courteous by the responsive audience which, in turn, can contribute to customer tenure. On the other hand, if the business is trading on the public holidays, an SMS can make sure the customers are aware its opening hours. An incentive can be provided for the market to engage in public holiday trade by offering sales, promotions, and offers to complement the special trading hours.

Sales Promotions and Coupons

To achieve a desired market response from Public Holiday SMS Marketing, many businesses follow the celebratory trends of the holidays which see the advertised product presented in the form of offers, specials, or alerts. In business, limited-time offers create a sense of urgency in the market and can bring in new customers which are pivotal factors in creating revenue. Through the combination public holiday SMS messaging with exclusive offers, the customer database can be notified of said deals which can drive returns on what would otherwise be a slow day of trade.


Mother's Day Advertisement SMS Marketing
Limited-time offers such as this Mother’s Day Sale advertisement can encourage people to buy on a public holiday, that would otherwise be considered as a slow business day.


Staff Management

Communication within a business is necessary for it to create a level of synergy within its operations. SMS messaging can be an effective means to deliberate shift work as it opens up a communication channel to discuss relevant matters. In the case of a public holiday, SMS may be used to communicate with staff to remind them of public holiday promotions or to arrange appropriate staffing ahead of time thus optimising employee management.

The Value Of SMS Marketing In the Broader Picture

Although these points explicitly address the benefits of Public Holiday SMS marketing, this communication technique can be applied on a much broader scale. Ultimately it provides an efficient avenue of brand promotion without flooding the market with generalised advertisements. The specific interaction with a client from a business via the medium of text message can illustrate the importance the customer to the company which promotes stakeholder engagement and relations. Overall, SMS marketing can successfully engage stakeholders, is time and cost-effective, and acts an and advertising avenue, demonstrating its value in the realm of marketing.