SMS Ordering to Increase Customer Satisfaction and ROI

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Just when you thought online ordering couldn’t get any easier and faster, SMS ordering has made it possible. SMS ordering facilitates faster and more convenient customer orders to further enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, thereby, growing your business and increasing your return on investment (ROI). SMS ordering is useful just for the sole purpose of … Continued

How To Boost Your Revenue With Public Holiday SMS Marketing

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In this post, we’ll examine how you can boost your revenue with Public Holiday SMS Marketing. Characteristically, public holidays are responsible for decreased revenue across the majority of industries within our economy. The Australian Retail Association, for example, claims that, “the retail sector has experienced various economic difficulties from the manufacturing downturn, over regulation, an … Continued

7 Reasons SMS Should Be Used For Customer Engagement

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We love our mobile phones and there’s no doubt about it. Imagine a world without your smartphone! How would you entertain yourself or go about your daily business? Chances are you more than likely check your mobile phone even when it’s not even ‘Buzzing’. We can access our e-mails, favourite applications, the internet, news article … Continued

Valentine’s Day E-Commerce To Make Customers Fall In Love

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Christmas seems like it was just yesterday, but there’s another high-sales date coming. It’s time to prepare for your big Valentine’s Day sales events, and get those lovebirds into a long-term relationship with your business with savvy e-commerce strategies. A recent UK survey has shown that sales on mobile devices already account for 25% of … Continued

Using SMS to increase customer experience

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All of us use SMS to communicate with friends, family and colleagues, but we might not realise how often we use SMS to interact with businesses. Have you ever received a delivery confirmation text? A note to say your taxi is arriving? A reminder to vaccinate your pet? While these interactions are usually brief, they … Continued