SMS Hospitality Solutions

Posted by: Bing Han, MessageMedia

Whether you run a busy restaurant in the CBD of a major capital city or a small bed and breakfast address miles away from the nearest big town, you’ll know very well the constant challenges of managing a diverse workforce whilst delivering superior customer service to attract return visits and boost your bottom line.

That’s where SMS hospitality solutions enter the picture, offering you a simple, reliable and low-cost tool for managing staff rostering requirements, alerting customers to special deals, promotions and other attractive offers, whilst sending automated booking confirmations to guests. Whatever the size and scope of your hospitality business, we have the product to meet your everyday communication needs.


Easy Staff Rostering for Serving a Full House

A popular bar, restaurant or hotel can become incredibly busy very quickly, giving you the perfect opportunity to delight guests by delivering a superior service, which builds their loyalty and your all-important reputation. Or you could disappoint by falling short of their expectations through a lack of staff, leading to a poor experience with long wait times or mishandled orders, resulting in the declining reputation of your business.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be the case with our staff rostering sms alerts that allow you to notify your workforce of vacant shifts, filling them quickly and ensuring you have a full roster of dedicated hospitality staff to serve a full house of paying customers.


SMS Alerts to Keep Customers Coming Back

Special deals and promotions are great ways to attract new customers into your bar, restaurant or hotel and a fantastic way of rewarding the loyalty of existing customers for their patronage, encouraging them to return again and again. But your generosity is useless if those customers don’t know about these deals in the first place.

Hence the very practical benefits of using our sophisticated MessageMedia SMS alerts function to notify your customers, both past and present, of these special deals as they become available, whilst giving them a sense of being rewarded for their patronage in the first place.

Another benefit of using our SMS alerts in hospitality situations is that as far as building consumer awareness is concerned, a SMS message is relatively unobtrusive, whilst still maintaining the necessary degree of directness. Not to mention research which shows over 90% of SMS messages are read within 30 seconds of being received.


Automated Booking Confirmation to Cut No-Shows

Another simple yet powerful benefit of using SMS in hospitality is the ability to send instant, automated booking confirmations to all your customers once their booking has been entered into your computer system. This can cut costly no-shows whilst maximising your available room or table space on any given date, with one study finding that SMS reminders can reduce missed bookings by as much as 50%.

Further uses of our MessageMedia SMS Alerts in hospitality include the ability to update customers on booking changes, their loyalty program points or even sending courtesy messages to thank them for their patronage whilst encouraging them to contact you directly to give any valuable feedback they may have.


Whatever the communications needs of your hospitality business, call MessageMedia today on 1800 009 767 or visit us at to learn how our SMS Hospitality solutions can save you time and money whilst you delight your customers!