Business SMS VS Push Notifications

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  Business SMS and push notifications are both great methods for communicating with an engaged customer base. There’s no questioning that the mobile device is the most effective way to reach your audience in real time. Your customers are mobile and each have a different preference, it’s important for marketers to choose the right communication … Continued

7 Reasons SMS Should Be Used For Customer Engagement

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We love our mobile phones and there’s no doubt about it. Imagine a world without your smartphone! How would you entertain yourself or go about your daily business? Chances are you more than likely check your mobile phone even when it’s not even ‘Buzzing’. We can access our e-mails, favourite applications, the internet, news article … Continued

7 Invaluable Tips that will Increase your SMS marketing effectiveness

Posted by: Mairead Walsh

Author: Mairead Walsh, Account Manager -Channel Partners at MessageMedia Congratulations, your customers have trusted you with the key to their most personal place – their phone, I have no doubt it has taken a lot of hard work to earn their trust. Because of the intimacy of this channel, SMS marketing can drive great results, … Continued

Top five reasons to send business SMS from your PC

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Anyone who has spent time fiddling with text on phones knows that it’s a lot easier to type on a proper keyboard. But businesses are only now discovering that you can get the best of both worlds – SMS messaging straight from your PC, with all the power that it entails. It’s time to learn … Continued

Improving patient care with SMS

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The health industry has long utilised technology to provide better care to their patients. The advancement of technical equipment and pharmaceutical breakthroughs are undeniable, but communication with patients and caregivers is another essential element in the fight against disease and suffering. SMS services have already been hugely successful in reducing appointment no-shows, delivering medication reminders, … Continued

SMS for internal communications

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Internal communications is a function responsible for effective, efficient and timely communication of business critical information to a workforce, it may help to achieve compliance, improve employee engagement and deliver improved business productivity. Good internal communication enables conversations up, down and across an organisation. Companies use a wide variety of channels to communicate business or … Continued

Send SMS Online

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  One of the advantages of signing up with an SMS gateway provider like MessageMedia is that you can send all of your text messages online. Sending text messages online is fast, efficient, easy and cost effective. For businesses, the ability to send an SMS from your computer offers a very powerful solution for a … Continued