SMS Ordering to Increase Customer Satisfaction and ROI

Posted by: MessageMedia

Just when you thought online ordering couldn’t get any easier and faster, SMS ordering has made it possible. SMS ordering facilitates faster and more convenient customer orders to further enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, thereby, growing your business and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

SMS ordering is useful just for the sole purpose of communication. A recent survey conducted by SAP & Loudhouse Research (registration required to access) stated that 64% of consumers believe that businesses should communicate with customers more often with SMS. Clear and honest communication such as letting customers know that an order has been received or is on its way is an integral part of good customer service. Everyone reads their text messages so the fear of information going unread is minimized. An SMS ordering system can also double up as an SMS marketing campaign by giving customers the ability to opt-in for marketing and promotional services. The best customers are your already existing ones, customers who already know and use your service. SMS provides an instantaneous marketing tool for all kinds of businesses who want to broadcast new campaigns, promotions, offers or discounts.

SMS ordering cuts down ordering time from minutes to a few seconds. Lunch crowds are the busiest time for fast food chains and a line-free experience can make a world of a difference in this hypercompetitive environment. To stay ahead of the competition, restaurants and fast food chains have employed SMS ordering to simplify the ordering process and help customers skip the queue. Not only limited to the food and beverage industry but SMS ordering can also be implemented for products and services. Have the ability to purchase what you want, whenever you want all with the ease of a simple one-word text message.

Dominos Pizza - SMS Ordering 

Domino’s Pizza

Back in 2015, Domino’s launched its SMS ordering service to simplify the ordering process for its customers. It’s now as simple as texting the word ‘PIZZA’ or the pizza emoji to the Domino’s SMS ordering number 0448 366 466. This pizza order can either be a pre-saved favourite or the last order the customer made. The order will be placed once the customer confirms the order by replying ‘YES’ to Domino’s. All you have to do is sign up for a Domino’s account (prior to ordering) where you can save your personal information such as your address and credit card, so it’s easier and faster the next time your order.

In the 2016 financial year, Domino’s reported a record full-year profit of $92 million which is an increase of 43.6 per cent from the previous 12 months. Domino’s largely attributed these results to “significant organic growth yielding strong same store sales” and “leveraging sophisticated digital platforms while adding 484 stores to the Group.” Technological development such as SMS ordering can put a business at the forefront of its competitors.

Subway - SMS Ordering


The fast food chain introduced “Subway Now” back in 2009 where busy New Yorkers can order lunch via SMS message. Simply text the word ‘MENU’ to 466626 for a list of Subway sandwiches which are numbered. Customers can then reply with the number of the sandwich that they wish to order and will receive a text confirmation and pickup time. This allowed customers to pre-order their food and skip the queue during busy lunch rushes.

Additionally, Subways also asked customers to opt-in for special offers via SMS message, increasing its customer database for future SMS marketing and promotions.


Gillette - SMS Ordering


Gillete launched this initiative after surveying customers who cancelled their shaving club subscriptions. From listening to customers, they identified the problem and constructed a solution of SMS ordering to give customers the ability to quickly order new blades, only when needed. Less restrictive than the subscription but still with all the ease and speed of ordering.

Customers must first choose what blade they want and when they would like to receive it from A Gillete On Demand account must also be created with enabled SMS ordering options. After the sign up process is done and all personal information is saved, customers can now order new Gillete blades whenever they want by simply texting the word ‘BLADES’ to 252-337.

There are many ways SMS can be implemented to improve business engagements and transactions. If you’re interested in learning more about how investing in SMS ordering and an SMS marketing campaign can work for your business, please contact MessageMedia today!