The Power of SMS For Your Business

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MessageMedia & the Power of SMS

In today’s multifaceted and rapidly evolving business environment, the modern business owner has a plethora of marketing channels at their disposal to effectively communicate with their customers and clientele. From online banners, social media, radio and beyond, the choices are seemingly endless. However many business owners and managers of organisations often look past one of the most effective and simple communication tools of all time – SMS.

Since the world’s first text message – which simply read “Merry Christmas” – was sent between two British engineers on December 3rd 1992, SMS technology has maintained its reputation as an effective and direct tool of mass communication. From its low cost, high open rates and bulk messaging capabilities; our MessageMedia SMS solutions will help you deliver the right message to your audience, on-time every time and with minimal fuss. In the blog post we discuss the Power of SMS for your Business.

SMS: Low Cost for High Impact

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing SMS technology for your organisation or business’s communications and marketing needs is the inherently low-cost nature of this medium, compared to other more complex technologies such as social media and other forms of digital marketing, to name just a few examples. As a single text message basically consists of text and no other data or features, the process and technology required for sending and receiving a text message is incredibly simple. This keeps costs down, meaning you can free up additional cashflow to redirect to higher priority areas of your business, such as hiring new staff, buying new plant and equipment or expanding operations etc. Please visit our website for more information on our competitive MessageMedia SMS Pricing plans.

SMS: Direct and Highly Effective

Another key benefit of SMS technology is its direct and highly effective nature, with various studies pointing to an incredible open rate ranging between 90-98%. This means that of all text messages sent today, approximately 9 in 10 are opened and read by the recipient, usually within 30 seconds of the message hitting their phone. For the modern business owner or organisational head, this means the likelihood of your latest sales promotion, special offer, upcoming event or important announcement reaching your audience is very high indeed. Furthermore, the average CTR for a text message is 14.06% and the conversion rate for SMS marketing messages a respectable 8.22%, which compares favourably to an average CTR of 6.64% and CR of 1.73% which email achieves. For more information on the effectiveness of SMS as a communication tool and our MessageMedia SMS marketing solutions, please continue reading here.

Bulk SMS: Reach Any Audience in an Instant

Perhaps the most powerful application of SMS technology as both a communication and marketing platform, is the ability to reach a large group of individuals in an instant, whilst doing so in a highly targeted way. With our MessageMedia Bulk SMS solution you can create multiple subscriber lists based on any number of characteristics – for instance if you were a gym you might create a list of everyone who attends your regular cycling classes – allowing you to send a single text message from your desktop or laptop device to everyone on that list. Your message will be received virtually in an instant, with a detailed delivery report informing you very quickly of any problems. You can even entire automate this process if you like, meaning your SMS will be sent to selected subscriber lists at a pre-determined time and date. How’s that for powerful yet minimal fuss communication!

Whatever the scale and scope of your business or organisation, call MessageMedia today on 1800 009 767/ visit us at or sign up for our Free Trial to learn more about how we can harness the power of SMS for your specific needs.

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