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How to Utilise SMS Marketing Effectively for Mother’s Day

Posted by: MessageMedia

  Mother’s Day is fast approaching! This special occasion is a way to show Mother’s how much they’re appreciated and loved. The average person will spend $126.90  every year on Mother’s Day. (1) Your Business can take advantage of this day by sending an SMS Marketing Campaign out to all of your customers and offer a Mother’s … Continued

3 Habits of Successful SMS Users

Posted by: MessageMedia

Author: David McCoy, Account Manager at MessageMedia On the 3rd December in 1992 the first SMS was sent, it was wonderful and the world turned its head. (1) By 2010 it became the most widely used data application. Then, came the rise of a dreaded supervillain, the smartphone. What on earth did we do without … Continued

Contact Centre Week: The Omni of Things to Come

Posted by: Dimitri Tsitsikas

Author: Dimitri Tsitsikas, Director, Strategic Relationships at MessageMedia Listening to a guest speaker in year 8 I remember vividly being told to seal my lips (it was more like shut them) to remain silent and possibly just possibly may hear something that will inspire. Listening (with lips sealed) to some of the speakers at Contact Centre … Continued

Managing Your Workforce With Business SMS

Posted by: MessageMedia

  MessageMedia: Managing Your Workforce With Business SMS Running your own small business can be a hassle at times, especially when you have a large workforce to manage on top of recruiting new staff and tending to the general day-to-day operations of your organisation.  One of the more difficult aspects of running your workforce is maintaining … Continued

The Power of SMS For Your Business

Posted by: Account Management

  MessageMedia & the Power of SMS In today’s multifaceted and rapidly evolving business environment, the modern business owner has a plethora of marketing channels at their disposal to effectively communicate with their customers and clientele. From online banners, social media, radio and beyond, the choices are seemingly endless. However many business owners and managers of … Continued

Managing your members with SMS

Posted by: MessageMedia

Organisations that rely on membership are under pressure- fewer people are joining, many are leaving and others are dissatisfied because what they are paying for is not living up to their expectations. In order to preserve and build membership, these businesses need to adapt to meet the changing needs of members and introduce programs that … Continued

SMS Alerts

Posted by: MessageMedia

When you need to deliver a message in a hurry to particular individuals or notify a large group of people in an instant, a SMS alert is the most effective communication channel at your disposal. Whether it be communicating emergency evacuation information to residents of a small township about an impending bushfire threat, alerting casual … Continued

Send SMS Online

Posted by: MessageMedia

  One of the advantages of signing up with an SMS gateway provider like MessageMedia is that you can send all of your text messages online. Sending text messages online is fast, efficient, easy and cost effective. For businesses, the ability to send an SMS from your computer offers a very powerful solution for a … Continued