RACV Attribution

RACV Leverages Mobile Marketing

Success through multi-channel marketing


RACV was looking to drive uptake and awareness of its Emergency Home Assist (EHA) product. The company had undertaken numerous promotions in the past and wanted to ‘up the ante’ on this campaign. The underlying principle of this campaign was to automate the EHA sign up procedure to deliver efficient results providing a daily flow of leads generated via this campaign.

RACV uses Taguchi automated digital marketing platform, which supports multi-channel marketing campaigns including electronic direct mail (eDM), text messaging (SMS), web forms and landing pages.

Taguchi and RACV implemented a multi-channel campaign including direct mail (DM), eDM, web forms and SMS, targeting active RACV members with a special offer.

Although RACV EHA has used SMS for various communications, they have never used it in obtaining new members. They were interested in testing what was capable to provide the easiest ‘one click’ activation for members.

The Campaign

RACV offered a free six-month trial of their Emergency Home Assist product. The offer was A/B tested in all three channels:

Test A

No obligation

Provided Emergency Home Assist for free and at the end of the six months request the customer to renew the product for a year

Test B


Provided Emergency Home Assist for free but asked for credit card details up front for the product to be automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

By adding SMS to the marketing mix, RACV was able to promote the offer utilising a new channel, resulting in sign ups that may not have otherwise been secured via eDM or DM. This represents an 8% conversion rate, an excellent result that exceeded client expectations.


Australia is embracing mobile marketing as more marketers shift their spending from traditional mass advertising to advertising on digital channels. As such, the performance of mobile marketing campaigns is expected to grow exponentially and will over-ride traditional channels, including eDM, in the near future.

Using technology to cut through and capture an audience’s attention is a key way to engage with customers and influence purchasing behaviour. RACV was able to get the right message to the right people, at the right time and place, resulting in an 8% conversion rate. By taking a multi-channel approach, RACV was able to target customers by their preferred communication method, positively impacting results across the campaign.