Triple Guarantee

Why MessageMedia

  1. secure

    Your Messages are Secure

    Rest assured MessageMedia takes security and privacy seriously. Your messages are secure and traceable when using direct onshore routings.

  2. quick

    Quick and Easy

    SMS solutions can be complex and confusing.
    A quick call to MessageMedia helps you simplify the process and make the right decision for your agency.

  3. integration

    Powerful Integration

    Easily integrate into existing CRM systems and start sending SMS within minutes using sample code from our APIs.

  4. local

    Local Support

    Our Australian based call centre is there for you at your time of need. Feel secure knowing help is just a phone call away.

  5. experience

    15 Years Experience

    We've been helping over 15,300 Australian businesses and government agencies for over 15 years. We also provide free industry expert advice.

Benefits of Government SMS

  • citizen

    Increase Citizen Participation

    Improve citizen participation and engagement in council matters with updates and community consultations / surveys.

  • emergency

    Emergency and Important Announcements

    Send real time important alerts such as natural disaster and security alerts, restricted road access.

  • community

    Engaged Community Services

    Establish community SMS groups to provide tailored and community support to local people.

  • voting

    Voting Support

    Electoral enrolment support such as requesting enrolment packs and using SMS for party campaigning activities.

  • reduce costs

    Reduce communication cost

    Automated text messages can reduce call centre costs and improve efficiency from sending reminders to local transport services updates