24/7 Support for SMS Marketing and Services

MessageMedia’s world-class SMS services support team is located entirely in-house, providing live support at no charge during business hours with email support coverage on weekends, and a 24/7 SMS marketing and solutions support option. With a follow-the-sun model and support centers in the US, UK, NZ and Australia we’re always here to help.

Accurate message delivery time is a critical success factor for SMS marketing and as our system is monitored 24/7, we guarantee our text message gateway will be available. Our system architecture is designed to offer full redundancy and handle extreme volumes of messages.

99.95% gateway uptime

MessageMedia’s multiple gateway network in Australia and the USA is supported by a sophisticated monitoring system – we call it the ‘heartbeat’ – which can dynamically reroute messages if any given route is compromised. This enables us to deliver a 99.95% service quality guarantee, meaning you can focus on your core business while we ensure your messages are sent out quickly and reliably – every time.

Onshore on-net

The MessageMedia SMS gateway service is onshore which ensure privacy and piece of mind and on-net, allowing us to deliver the message faster and with the highest level of security, as it never leaves Australian shores.

Reliability and security

Our service is based on reliability and security – not the cheapest connection. We believe network quality is too important and we won’t compromise the integrity of your communication.