2 Way SMS Gateway for Business 

Start the conversation with 2-way SMS

MessageMedia’s enterprise-grade SMS gateway enables 2-way SMS. Two way messaging is great for businesses as it allows you to send messages to any network and receive replies back to your application.

Our SMS gateway matches replies to specific messages sent so that you can keep track of responses at a glance. This is called message tagging and it’s a unique feature of two-way messaging which tells your application exactly which outbound message corresponds to a given reply (important for transactional messaging applications).

Text messaging products that use our gateway are WebSMS, Email to SMS and SMS API.

You can deploy two-way SMS messaging with delivery receipts to

Two-way messaging let’s you follow up with ease and you can track who has responded and when.

Message delivery confidence

Delivery reporting used in conjunction with two-way SMS enables you to track messages, showing your application the exact time that each message you send is delivered on the handset. This provides you with an audit trail and enables escalation in the event of non-delivery.

You can also create reports in real time and see what’s what.

SMS with two way messaging can be integrated right into your business applications, allowing you to automate everything. We’ve done that with Oracle Taleo, empowering HR departments, managers, supervisors and employees. 2-way SMS helped them helped deliver productivity improvements and cut costs by creating a powerful communication channel.

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