Dedicated Virtual Phone Numbers 

What are dedicated or virtual SMS numbers?

A dedicated SMS number (sometimes known as virtual number) solution allows you to send and receive SMS from the same number, every time. Dedicated numbers are perfect for brands that want a permanent and powerful SMS presence, and are an essential component of any two-way SMS messaging campaign.

What are the benefits of dedicated or virtual SMS Numbers?

Your SMS marketing and sales numbers are just as important as your website address or 1800 number. A dedicated SMS number gives you visibility, marketability and control.

You can advertise your SMS number right across your sales and marketing media, and then use our ready for business options and reporting tools to track the effectiveness and return on each channel.

You can even associate different dedicated SMS or virtual SMS numbers with specific campaigns, and accurately gauge the effectiveness of your various marketing activities; ensuring your money gets spent where it will be most effective.

Using dedicated bulk SMS numbers  within Australia means that your customers can contact you quickly and easily; whenever and where ever they want. You can use keywords to automate the response process and measure response rates with pinpoint accuracy.

At MessageMedia, we can help you understand and reap the benefits of dedicated SMS numbers for your business. Contact us to discuss your business requirements.

Uses for dedicated or virtual SMS numbers

Dedicated SMS numbers are highly versatile and surprisingly cost effective:

  • Allow customer-initiated engagement and lead generation by advertising your SMS number on video, print and web channels
  • Empower and engage your customers with easily managed opt-outs
  • Streamline requests for information and support
  • Automate appointment scheduling by using keywords
  • Capitalise on consistent branding and messaging across your bulk SMS activities

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Is there a cost involved for additional numbers?

Dedicated SMS solutions are surprisingly cost effective, but that cost will depend on your specific needs, the complexity of the solution and the amount of dedicated numbers required.  We’d really like to be able to give you a more definitive answer, but that’s as close as we can get without talking to you about it some more.

Contact us and we promise we will work to achieve the most cost-effective solution for your business requirements.

MessageMedia are the dedicated SMS specialists

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