SMS Long Codes for API’s

What are long codes?

A long code SMS number is the quickest and cheapest dedicated number SMS solution.  A dedicated long code SMS number allows you to send and receive SMS from the same number, every time.  Dedicated long code numbers are perfect for brands that want a permanent and powerful SMS presence, particularly global organisations who want to send and receive instant, reliable communications from overseas clients and customers.

What are the benefits of using long code SMS numbers?

Long code numbers are the best way to send and receive instant, reliable communications locally and overseas.  Long codes provide fast, cheap international accessibility, which means that you can contact people overseas – even when they don’t have internet access – and be sure that your message is being received.  Long codes:

  • are the most cost effective dedicated number solution,
  • are quick and easy to setup,
  • support two way messaging and text to voice,
  • allow you to brand your mobile campaigns by using the same long code every time you send an SMS message.

What are long codes used for?

Because of their cost effectives and ease of use, long codes are very popular across a range of industries and applications:

  • Enable all international companies and events to use the same globally available numbers,
  • Allow customer-initiated engagement and lead generation by advertising your SMS number on video, print and web channels world wide,
  • Empower and engage your customers with easily managed opt-outs regardless of location,
  • Streamline requests for information and support in any time zone,
  • Automate appointment scheduling with seamless two way messaging,
  • Capitalise on consistent branding and messaging across your bulk SMS activities,
  • Provide global two factor authentication[link] for staff and customers.

How much do long code numbers cost?

Using long code numbers with your SMS solutions is surprisingly cost effective, but that cost will depend on your specific needs, the complexity of the solution and the amount of dedicated long code numbers required.  No matter how large or small your SMS requirements, we will work to achieve the most cost-effective solution to your business needs.  Contact us and find out more.

Why choose MessageMedia

MessageMedia offer a range of SMS solutions, and can deliver to 460 networks in 187 countries worldwide.  You can get up and running instantly with Email to SMS or Secure FTP, integrate directly with your existing systems using powerful SDKs and APIs, or get all the power and flexibility of SMPP.  No matter what your technical requirements, we can provide a cost effective solution without sacrificing functionality.

At MessageMedia, we can help you understand and reap the benefits of dedicated long code SMS numbers for your business.  Contact us to discuss your business requirements.