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MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services)

Send your customers visually exciting picture messages with MMS

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Create engaging moments with MMS

A picture tells a thousand words. MMS lets you add GIFs, an image or branding to your message
to significantly increase engagement.

MMS offers businesses a better chance of capturing a customer’s attention with richer content.
Send still and moving images to entice customers to buy or engage in two-way conversation.

Forget the restrictive character limits of SMS. Increase your engagement by telling a story or getting
the right information to a customer through still and moving imagery.

  • Promotions

    Use imagery to demonstrate products and advertise events and competitions all within your messaging.

  • Reminders

    Send eye-catching reminders that generate long-term brand recall amongst your customers.

  • Announcements

    Thank your customers for their loyalty and stand out from the crowd with rich visuals or animations.

SMS and MMS: What’s the difference?

With the addition of rich, dynamic content MMS is a cost effective way to easily
increase customer engagement.

  • Images

  • GIFs

  • Slideshows

Not sure what to put in your MMS?

We can do the heavy lifting for you. Whether it’s a sale or promotion, a special holiday or a loyalty
campaign, select from our library of MMS templates. Simply call us for access and you are on your
way to better customer engagement. Alternatively, create your own images or GIFs and send
directly from our self-serve Messaging Platform.

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