Messaging API

Configure your software to send and receive SMS

Messaging API
Messaging API

Our Messaging API

If you are a developer or have developers in-house you are going to love what you can do with our
API! Simply integrate with a few lines of code to send SMS messages to your staff, suppliers and
customers from your existing business software.

  • Bulk

    Send thousands of
    messages a second with
    a few lines of code.

  • Status

    Check the progress of
    your messages with
    returned IDs.

  • Check

    Confirm that you
    received all of
    your replies.

  • Schedule

    Save time and assist
    staff by scheduling
    your bulk messages.

  • PHP
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript

The Developer Portal

It has everything you need to enable SMS in your business. Take a look
at our extensive developer guides and get coding today.

API reference

All the information and
documentation you need
to start using or API.

Easy to follow
developer guides

An overview of how you
can build applications
with our API.

SDKs in
6 languages

Libraries to integrate with
our API in your favourite
coding language.

Developer Slack

Chat to our development
team and join in on
community activities.

Take me to the Portal

Our Unified Gateway Always on, always scaling

Our Gateway, built, maintained and monitored in-house to guarantee a
99.95% uptime. Whats more it processes over 10 million API requests every day so we are
confident it can handle your business messaging requirements.

  • Proprietary

  • Secure

  • 99.95%

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