Checkout Integration

What is SMS eCommerce integration?

SMS eCommerce integration is a powerful tool that enables you to send SMS notifications to your customers and staff at various stages during the purchase and fulfilment lifecycle.  With MessageMedia’s flexible API you can integrate SMS notifications into your existing eCommerce platform, to increase customer engagement and cut operation expenses.

Benefits of SMS checkout integration

By integrating SMS into your eCommerce platform, you can automatically send notifications to customers during various stages of the buying journey.  Programmed event triggers allow you to automatically confirm orders, send shipping and delivery notifications, and send timely ‘back in stock’ messages.

Two-way messaging enables your customers respond to you immediately, which means that you can trigger automated sales conversion, and opt in-opt out marketing activities, all from your online shopping platform – automatically.

Responsive, secure, integrated SMS ecommerce notifications will greatly improve your immediate customer experience, increasing long term engagement and – ultimately – sales.  Better yet, people like and trust SMS notifications, which means you can be sure that your message is getting through.

For eCommerce software providers, SMS integration is a valuable enhanced product offering to merchants.  MessageMedia’s powerful and flexible API integration gives you the scope to offer any number of integration options to your customers.

Integrate SMS into your eCommerce platform

Whether you are looking to enhance the features of your existing eCommerce software platform, or looking to build a new eCommerce platform with checkout SMS integration, MessageMedia can integrate SMS into your system.  We offer robust APIs and SDKs that support integration with off the shelf software packages, and in-house systems and websites; providing you with choice of language and connection method, without sacrificing functionality.

With our SMS APIs you can automate your eCommerce notifications, as well as a whole range of additional business processes and communications.  We provide full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications.

We have SOAP APIs and our REST APIs is coming soon, which means that you  provide seamless checkout integration, with support for things like PayPal as well as credit cards, in more than 190 countries around the world.

We provide a range of solid technical documentation and SMS marketing guidelines and resources.  And if there’s anything else you need, just give us a call or drop us an email.   Our integration is backed by market-leading 24/7 customer service and support from our local support centre.

MessageMedia are the SMS eCommerce integration specialists

MessageMedia can integrate SMS into your online shopping experience and help you reap the benefits of enhanced customer service and engagement.  Talk to one of our eCommerce specialists today about how we can get your SMS integration up and running.