Text to Voice Generator

What is Text to Voice?

Text to Voice is a versatile technology that converts ordinary SMS into natural sounding voice messages.  Using text to voice you can improve communication with your customers, taking advantage of all the convenience and cost benefits of our online SMS solutions, while adding the extra personal touch of a voice message.

How does Text to Voice work?

When you send a Text to Voice message, we convert it to a spoken message, then when the recipient answers their phone, the message is read to them by a computer; if the phone isn’t answered the message is stored as a voicemail.

What are the benefits of Text to Voice?

Even though it seems that everyone these days has a mobile phone, for many people landline phones and voice communications are still the preferred option.  Text to Voice is great for appointment and account reminders, call centre messages, and callbacks.  So, even if you’re dealing with clients who don’t use SMS, Text to Voice makes sure that your message gets through.

Text to Voice gives your communications the versatility to be sent to any type of handset – mobile or landline – and the confidence to know that your message will be received.  Now you don’t have to worry about whether your customer gives a mobile or a landline contact, because our text to voice online solution has both options covered.

Using Text to Voice in conjunction with our Bulk SMS services gives you the all the cost benefits of SMS; enabling you to increase productivity and cut your communication and administration costs.  You also get the convenience of choosing email, web or one of our developer API to send messages, and two way messaging means you can receive replies into your Inbox, web browser or other application.

How to send Text to Voice

With our easy to use bulk SMS services you can send Text to Voice messages across Australia and around the world.  You can pre-record and send a single SMS, broadcast a Text to Voice message to a select group of contacts, or send it to your entire address book or client database.

Using Web SMS you can send and receive Text to Voice messages right from your web browser.  You can compose messages, create schedules, and generate reports. With nothing to download and no additional components to install, Text to Voice using our bulk SMS service is available anytime and anywhere.

Email to SMS  lets you use your favourite email system to send Text to Voice messages to your staff and customers using your existing contact and get replies delivered right to your Inbox from all modern handset types.

With our bulk SMS APIs  you can automate your business processes and communications with a comprehensive range of APIs and SDKs. We provide full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications.

MessageMedia are the Text to Voice specialists

MessageMedia provide a comprehensive range of Voice to Text and bulk SMS services and products, to help you reap the rewards.

Talk to our SMS specialists about your Text to Voice experts today to discuss what our products can do for your business.