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Alerts and notifications

What happens if something doesn’t go to plan?

You’re suddenly faced with an emergency like a service or event cancellation or a technical fault like a server crash. It may be due to inclement weather, a natural disaster or some act of force majeure. Or perhaps your customers want real time alerts to take advantage of a move in the markets or deal with a margin call. Whatever it is, you need to alert people to a change of circumstances, fast.

For alerts and notifications, there are several reasons why SMS is so effective.

  • Text messages can be sent to thousands of handsets in seconds, arriving at the same time
  • SMS open rates are incredibly high as most people are tethered to their mobile phone 24/7 and open messages very quickly
  • SMS works on handsets old and new.

Instant control

SMS messaging puts you in control in an instant. It helps you to mitigate problems through automated communication. You can integrate it right into your software applications if you wish, or run it as a stand-alone product. With MessageMedia you can set up predefined sending lists and templates and use delivery receipts to know the message was received.

No more chasing around on the phone and you’ll eliminate the costs that arose from dealing with problems the old way.

SMS alerts and notifications applications

Communicate with personnel in the field:

  • SMS is a fast, simple and cost-effective way to communicate with mobile staff or volunteers
  • Send alerts to staff via SMS, email or phone
  • SMS is reliable, immediate, and can reach remote areas

Staff and volunteer rosters:

  • SMS is ideal for administering work rosters. You simply SMS your staff the shift availability details and they reply via SMS.
  • Roster alerts for professional staff or volunteer staff
  • Bulk SMS broadcasts reach large groups instantaneously

Public safety warnings:

  • SMS can push real time information to relevant stakeholders such as news media, essential services, and volunteer groups.
  • Ideal for natural disaster warnings
  • Reduces inbound/outbound calls by up to 50%

SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting staff and stakeholders for ad-hoc or periodic communications. It’s far cheaper than phoning, mailing and emailing and is available to everyone who has a basic mobile phone.

For our emergency services customers reliability is critically important for them as they rely on us 24/7 because they use SMS to notify volunteers of bush fires in one of the most fire prone regions on earth.

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