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You can get immediate feedback from customers using SMS. It’s quick and easy to send out surveys or follow-up messages requesting an SMS review. By using keywords and prompts, you can have customers rate their experience, their salesperson, the product they bought or the service they received. SMS reviews can differentiate your business and make it unique. Survey programs that use SMS are quick and easy to implement and allow you to measure customer feedback on any aspect of your business anytime.

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Our cutting-edge SMS Technology can deliver your bulk alerts faster than anyone else can.


We integrate seamlessly with a widest variety of business systems in use today.


Your Data Security and Privacy means everything to us.

What Our Customers Say

“Both the message delivery and customer service have been completely flawless.”

Express Mobile

Online Marketing,
Express Mobile


“100% reliability means SMS is our preferred customer contact platform.”

Angus McDonald

National Marketing Manager,
Domain Partners


“We immediately had customers responding to the SMS they received.”

Brendan Mason




How to start sending SMS today

To start sending messages for your business, you need to have an account with us.

Accounts are created free of charge and you can even set one up yourself by signing up to a free trial.

You can of course give us a call if you rather discuss this with one of our specialists.

To support your business in sending SMS, we have three platform options for you:

  1. Web SMS: allows you to login to our Web SMS Manager and upload your own contacts, mail merge fields and use preset templates or create your custom messages.

  2. Email to SMS: allows you to send messages from your existing email programs. Simply send your email to

  3. SMS API: is an application interface to our SMS Gateway which you can integrate and enable “SMS Sending” for any business system you are using. We have 17 years of experience in this industry and a capable team in place which makes implementation a smooth journey.

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