Government SMS Solutions 

SMS messaging for Government

We understand that your stakeholders demand results and that SMS services for Government initiatives must be fast and highly reliable.

You need someone who understands the unique challenges of a Government environment. Someone with experience. Someone you can trust.

  • MessageMedia has a significant track record of working successfully with Federal, State, Local and International governments.
  • We’re independently audited, financially sound and well established.
  • We meet or exceed compliance requirements and bring a rich combination of skills, commercial experience and technical expertise.
  • We offer business case development and review.
  • We can help you with Tenders and RFPs and more.

Get started with our government free trial, work with our expert team and you’ll discover SMS messaging expertise is anything but a commodity.

Capable at every level. Local, State, Federal and International

We go beyond just sending messages; we’re able to deliver great insights from detailed business case analysis. We’re experienced in finding opportunities that add value to tight budgets. For example we’ve shown hospitals how to reduce no-shows to outpatient department appointments, which has cut waiting lists, slashed internal costs and raised additional revenue. What’s more, it has made both patients and staff happy.

We showed a major aged care provider how to eliminate agency labour costs. This has given current staff more hours and shaved $200,000 off operating costs. We understand government portfolios and we know what they need to improve service and drive down costs.

Made for Government

We’ve built SMS messaging solutions for every level of Government. Helping departments from Health to Justice to Education. We understand the applications that are going to deliver the best return on your investment by reducing your costs, improving productivity and streamlining communications with your staff, constituents and other stakeholders.

  • Customers failing to attend appointments are a huge cost, especially in departments such as Health. We investigated the business case for SMS appointment reminders in a Gold Coast Hospital. We integrated SMS directly into their appointment register and no-shows reduced by 44%. Admin costs nearly disappeared and billing losses in the hundreds of thousands were recovered. Patient satisfaction rose to an unheard of 95%. We think that’s a healthy result!
  • Government departments operating on roster systems enjoy significant benefits from implementing SMS. We investigated the business case for a major aged care provider and identified significant gains that could be made through integrating their rostering system via an API with our high performance SMS messaging Gateway. Staff were automatically messaged and offered any vacant roster spots. Using two-way messaging, the roster spots were quickly filled with internal staff eager for work. The provider saved over $200,000 p.a. because they were able to reduce their use of high-cost labour from staffing agencies.
  • Emergency service customers rely on us for alerts and notifications because we guarantee reliability. In fact, we do more than just promise reliability – we deliver. We deliver over 25 million messages a month in Australia. Our exclusive 100% Gateway uptime guarantee secures your outcome.

We offer more than just a rock solid track record in the Government sector. You can trust our service and reliability because we put our money where our mouth is. If we ever let you down, you get your money back.

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