SMS Tender Management Solutions

Improve stakeholder engagement and support compliance requirements

SMS tender management solutions are an effective and efficient way to manage a procurement or contract management process. SMS text messages streamline communication with vendors, suppliers and evaluation team members and will ensure the same information is provided to all parties in a timely and equitable manner.

Stakeholder communication via text

  • Advise tender session briefing times
  • Provide links to tender updates and points of clarification during the tender process
  • Provide details of tender lodgement mechanisms
  • Send closing time alerts and close time details

Staff communication

  • Communicate simply with diverse groups e.g. tender board, tender evaluation team – a single message can be sent to multiple handsets
  • SMS allows for two-way communication, making it easy for staff to respond quickly
  • Send alerts, reminders, updates and meeting times


  • Communicate tender evaluation progress to all parties at the same time
  • Assist with compliance within a probity framework where SMS would provide supporting evidence of information that has been provided to tender candidates
  • Ability to prove message delivery with delivery receipt confirmation

Cost efficiencies with SMS

SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting tender stakeholders for ad-hoc or periodic communications. SMS is faster and cheaper than phoning or mailing and more effective than sending an email.

Our SMS tender management solutions experts are available to help you with information and advice about implementing an effective SMS solution for your next tender process.