SMS Casestudy Automotive Industry

Case Studies in SMS Automotive Solutions 

Service reminders will reduce appointment no shows – guaranteed.

SMS is a highly effective way to increase engagement with staff and customers. You can quickly and easily send messages to a single person, or broadcast a message to your entire customer database, at a fraction of the cost of phone calls and regular mail. SMS offers real savings right across your sales, service and inventory departments.

“We love MessageMedia! We use SMS to stay in touch with customers for things like product orders, changes to delivery times etc. We can send multiple reminders quickly and easily, it’s a simple way to service our customer base.”
Rod Dally, Owner, Autobarn Eltham

MessageMedia provides business-grade SMS solutions for the automotive industry. SMS is a simple, economical way for organisations in the automotive industry to communicate with clients, staff and other contacts. Whether you are a dealership, specialist repairer or parts supplier, we have a robust, flexible SMS solution for your business.

Communicate with your customers

  • SMS is a simple, non-intrusive way to connect with your customers, increase loyalty and drive revenue through repeat business.
  • Send two-way SMS appointment reminders to customers five days prior to a scheduled service requesting confirmation, your customers can then confirm or reschedule via the same SMS, and their responses are automatically updated in your online service system.
  • You can also keep your customers informed of updated vehicle collection times via SMS.
  • With SMS you can automatically send reminders to customers who have passed their scheduled service date, and use two-way SMS to offer special prices on last minute service bookings for vacant slots.

SMS for automotive marketing

  • SMS is ideal for marketing. It can reach large groups instantly and 97% of all SMS are read, so your message will get through.
  • Use bulk SMS to economically advertise seasonal and special offers to your whole client base.
  • Secure SMS can be used to send coupons and special deals to select clients, with options for online booking and redemption for things like test drives.
  • Two-way SMS messaging and tracking can be used for opt-in opt-out marketing that automatically updates customer profiles in your CRM.
  • Alert customers to new vehicle releases and invitations to test drive or upgrade
  • Use tiny URL’s as part of your SMS to add another level of personalization, and increase engagement with your customers.

Communicate with staff

  • Communicate with your mobile sales and mechanic staff.
  • Use SMS short codes to view dealership inventory, or floor stock, and even to automatically trigger restock alerts when inventory reaches a specified level.
  • A single message can be sent to multiple handsets, and recipients can reply via SMS.
  • SMS is ideal for staff rosters, it’s two-way communication, making it easy for staff to respond quickly

Cost savings

SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting customers and staff for ad-hoc or periodic communications. SMS is cheaper than phoning or mailing and more effective than sending an email.

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