SMS case study beauty

Case Studies in SMS Solutions for the Beauty Industry

Reduce appointment no shows by more than 30%

SMS for the beauty industry is an effective and efficient way to communicate with customers and staff.

“We use MessageMedia because we can rely on them. I’m extremely impressed with the service, virtually all messages get through, and we have customers responding to our messages within minutes. It’s a great way to reduce no-shows and build long-term relationships with customers.”
Saks Hair and Beauty

At MessageMedia, we have helped a number of hair & beauty salons and spas to implement SMS solutions for improved business performance.

Appointment Reminders:

SMS as a marketing tool

  • SMS is ideal for marketing. It can reach large groups instantly and 97% of all SMS are read, so your message will get through.
  • SMS details of promotions such as ‘mention this text’ offers
  • Alert customers to new products and services, or changes to opening hours

Communicate with casual staff

  • Communicate with your casual workforce
  • A single message can be sent to multiple handsets, and recipients can reply via SMS
  • SMS is ideal for staff rosters because SMS is two-way communication, mobile staff can reply via SMS

Cost savings

SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting customers and staff for ad-hoc or periodic communications. SMS is cheaper than phoning or mailing and more effective than email.

Speak to a MessageMedia expert today about how an SMS beauty solution can automate your business processes, reduce staff overheads and improve efficiency.