Case Studys Call Centre SMS solutions

Case Studies in SMS Call Centre Solutions 

Improve operational efficiencies and implement lower cost to serve

SMS for call centres is a positive and proactive way to interact with customers. It’s also a low cost channel that will reduce telephone demand and help to better manage inbound service enquiries.

“The outcome of implementing SMS to advise customers that Roadside Assistance is en route has reduced the number of call backs by 16%. This is a great example to our membership we are proactively using innovative technology, and the feedback received about SMS has been very positive.”

Bob Stevens RAS Support Manager, RACV

At MessageMedia, we provide SMS solutions to call centres in a number of industries, helping businesses to identify caller profiles and understand why and when customers call to ensure they implement an effective customer communication program that delivers relevant and timely information.

Enhance customer communication

  • Automate customer contact programs such as welcome messages to enhance customer service
  • Send courtesy messages to thank customers for recent purchases or bookings
  • SMS is a simple, non-intrusive communication tool. It’s the ideal way to send notifications and alerts to customers

Reduce inbound calls

  • Send stock or account updates and alerts to reduce inbound and outbound calls by up to 50%
  • Provide real-time scheduling information about staff going onsite for installations/service
  • Automate proactive text messages into business systems at identified trigger points for inbound calls

Communicate with staff

  • A single message can be sent to multiple handsets, and recipients can reply via SMS
  • SMS is ideal for staff rosters, it’s two-way communication, making it easy for staff to respond quickly
  • Send server alerts, staff updates and meeting times

Cost savings

SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting customers and staff for ad-hoc or periodic communications. SMS is cheaper than phoning or mailing and more effective than sending an email.

Our SMS Call Centre experts are available to help you with information and advice about developing an effective SMS solution for your call centre.