Case Studies in Healthcare SMS Solutions

SMS solutions for health and aged care

SMS solutions can be implemented with wide ranging use in the health and aged care industry, providing service for hospitals, area health services, clinics, aged care facilities, and private practices. It’s a simple, economical way for healthcare organisations to communicate with patients, staff and other contacts.

With high appointment costs, shift workers and patients on long-term treatment programs, the healthcare industry is in itself a “killer application” for text message services.

Appointment reminders

For hospitals and clinics where an appointment no-show can cost around $70, the ability to reduce fail to attend statistics can deliver an immediate benefit and positive return on investment. Studies have proven that implementing a proactive confirmation/reminder program can significantly reduce the instance of missed appointments.

  • SMS is a fast, simple and cost-effective way to communicate with your patients for appointment reminders.
  • Reduce costly failure to attend (FTA) occurrences
  • Links to your existing PAS patient contact details

Shift reminders

SMS can be used to communicate shift reminders and filling absentee shifts can be achieved through a simple and quick SMS broadcast. This application reduces reliance on Agency staff, which will have a significant impact on costs.

  • SMS is ideal for administering work rosters. You simply SMS your staff the shift availability details and they reply via SMS.
  • Roster alerts for nursing staff or agency staff
  • Bulk SMS broadcasts reach large groups instantaneously

The numerous case studies that have been undertaken in this area support the suggestion that automating roster communication can have a positive business impact. Shift notifications and reminders improve attendance rates and shift availability notifications can be used to fill absentee shifts, cover busy periods and holidays, or manage last minute changes or emergencies. Automated rostering systems that utilise SMS for notifications are a very cost effective way to address these issues and are especially useful for field staff, employees without access to computers, casuals and part timers.

Medication reminders

SMS can also support clinical alerts and medication reminders, an excellent customer service for patients on long-term treatment programs.

For people who require long-term treatment plans or regular health tests, a common barrier to attendance or adherence is forgetfulness. A simple reminder program for patients is one potential solution, and electronic reminders that are automatically sent without personal contact between the health provider and patient, are being increasingly used to good effect.

  • SMS offers a simple, reliable and “non intrusive” method of reminding patients of vital medication prescriptions.
  • Can be scheduled for repeat/pre-determined reminders
  • Delivery notifications used to ensure the SMS is received

MessageMedia SMS is easy to adapt to the specific functions required by healthcare users – no specialised technical support is required. Whether you choose a ‘stand alone’ product or integrate SMS into your existing PAS systems, we make it easy for you. Our system is user-friendly and can be set up in minutes.

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