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Case Studies in SMS Insurance Solutions

Capture correct lead details and improve policy payment times

MessageMedia provides SMS solutions for insurance using the world’s fastest growing and most direct communication channel. SMS is the simple, and cost effective way to improve communication right across your insurance business, increasing engagement with existing customers and transforming conversion rates with access to quality real time leads.

“SMS has dramatically reduced late policy payments. It communicates timely messages, which enhances our service to our customers.”

Jason Gordon, Elders Insurance

Real time contact with leads and quotes

SMS enables you to transform conversion from your online quoting, by enabling real-time contact with the people who want to hear from you, and who are requesting quotes online right now.  Armed with the correct contact information your sales team is able to call the customer on the spot and explain the benefits of buying from your company.

  • Ensure you capture correct lead data.
  • Allow you to contact active leads in real-time and while they are in the midst of your quote process.
  • Reduce the number of garbage leads in your pipeline.
  • Reduce comparison shopping and increase your value in the eyes of the customer.
  • Reduce the risk of prospects clicking away to your competitors.
  • Use advanced SMS features like two-way messaging to book and reschedule appointments automatically.
  • Reduce your Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition.

Increase customer engagement

Connecting with your customers via SMS is a simple, cost-effective way to increase loyalty and drive revenue through repeat business.   With 90% of messages opened within 30 seconds, SMS communication has a far better response rate than email, twitter or phone calls.

  • Use SMS to send premium renewal notifications
  • Engage customers throughout their contract with promotions and offers
  • Use SMS to inform customers of how their claim is progressing
  • Use secure 2 factor authentication and two-way messaging to support online payment options, and protecting both your own systems and your customer’s information against theft and malicious damage using SMS message secret tokens.
  • Use tiny URLs embedded in messages that can lead customers straight to a secure payment gateway for instant renewals.
  • Respond to requests for information in a timely, secure manner.
  • Build strong relationships with your customers by personalising messages and enabling return messaging and call back options.
  • Improve your marketing by using keywords and dedicated SMS numbers that can be advertised throughout your communication and promotional channels.
  • Use SMS for opt-in opt-out marketing to capture responders’ details and build smarter customer profiles.
  • Use tiny URLs embedded in messages that can lead customers straight to a secure payment gateway for instant renewals.

Staff communication

SMS offers cost savings

SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting customers and staff for ad-hoc or periodic communications. SMS is cheaper than phoning or mailing and more effective than email.

Ask us for an obligation-free consultation with our technical experts who will outline the start to finish process for implementing SMS insurance solutions, and how to deliver a turnkey solution for your business.