Case Studies in SMS Manufacturing Solutions

SMS solutions for Manufacturing

MessageMedia provides business-grade SMS solutions for the manufacturing industry.  SMS is a robust, economical way for manufacturers to communicate with customers, suppliers and staff, without increasing overheads.  At MessageMedia, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the right SMS solutions for your manufacturing business.

Using SMS in Manufacturing

SMS is a highly effective way to increase engagement and reduce operating and administration costs right across your business.  You can quickly and easily send messages to a single person, or broadcast a message to your entire customer database, at a fraction of the cost of phone calls and regular mail.  Online, real-time reporting options allow you to see exactly who is receiving, reading and responding to your messages.

Monitoring and logistics

  • SMS is ideal for automated, time-critical notifications, such as stock and production alerts, service updates and outage notifications.
  • Use SMS short codes to view inventory and logistics data, and even to automatically trigger procurement alerts when current inventory or new orders reach a specified gateway.
  • Integrated SMS solutions can feed logistics data and alerts directly into your off-the-shelf or custom supply chain management systems.
  • Automatically send secure, preset and templated messages and alerts to customers, suppliers and staff, cutting down on administration costs and errors.
  • Secure 2 factor authentication lets you implement one time passwords to provide system access to suppliers and contractors on an economical as-needs basis.

Engage your staff

  • SMS is more effective than email, so you can be sure that your staff and contractors are receiving and reading your messages.
  • A single SMS can be sent to multiple handsets and two-way messaging options let users reply directly via SMS.
  • SMS for staff rostering gives you the responsiveness to receive notifications from staff and fill vacant roster slots, without needing to resort to expensive contractors.
  • SMS can provide simple automated reminders ensuring that staff turn up for their shifts at the right time and in the right location.  All without increasing your administration costs.
  • Instant cross-team communication from plant to warehouse, to delivery drivers and the store front

Deliver business critical messages

  • SMS is ideally suited to the delivery of time-critical business messaging.  Because people have their phones with them nearly all time, SMS provides anywhere, anytime delivery confidence.
  • Be confident that your human resources messages are getting through, with online reporting options that show you exactly who is receiving your messages, and when.
  • Use international numbers to ensure that business critical messaging is reaching staff in other countries.
  • MessageMedia’s 99.95% gateway uptime guarantee gives you the confidence that your message are being delivered, offering you a choice of Onshore or Hybrid delivery options.

Product marketing

  • SMS is a relatively uncluttered and spam-free channel, where 97% of messages are opened on delivery – no other direct marketing and communication channel can offer as much.
  • Integrate your SMS solution directly with existing CRM systems and enterprise business applications, to automate business and marketing processes and cut overheads.
  • Using dedicated numbers you can advertise your SMS number right across your sales and marketing media, increasing both the penetration of your SMS marketing campaign and your engagement and recognition with customers.

MessageMedia are the manufacturing SMS specialists

MessageMedia are a global leader in SMS services, with business-ready SMS solutions for manufacturing businesses of all types.  We have the expertise and experience to deliver the SMS solution to your manufacturing business needs – and help you reap the benefits.

Talk to a MessageMedia manufacturing expert today and we will show you how implementing SMS into your business systems can reduce staff overheads, maximise uptime and improve efficiency.