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SMS for Promotional Marketing

MessageMedia provides robust, business-ready SMS solutions that harness the most widely used data application in the world: mobile messaging. We are a global leader in business SMS services, and an award-winning customer focused organisation.  We help our clients improve business results by leveraging SMS marketing and promotional solutions to engage with customers, staff and stakeholders effectively and economically.

What is SMS?

SMS (Short or Simple Message Service) text messaging is the delivery of alpha-numeric messages to mobile phones over wireless networks. While for standard SMS the length of each message is limited to 160 characters, MessageMedia’s integrated SMS solutions can provide concatenation to support significantly longer messages.

Why use SMS?

SMS is now the most popular and widely used communications application in the world, with global SMS traffic expected to total 7.3 trillion messages this year. It has the highest penetration of any mobile communications channel.  This means that, for your business, SMS is an ‘anybody, anywhere’ engagement solution.

SMS is a relatively uncluttered and spam-free channel, where over 90% of messages are opened within seconds on delivery – no other direct marketing and communication channel can offer as much.  Better yet, people like SMS, seeing it as a convenience and not an irritation or imposition.  Which means that your engagement efforts begin to pay off straight away.

How does business SMS work?

MessageMedia offer three SMS solutions:

  • Using Web SMS you can send and receive SMS messages from right from your web browser.  You can compose messages, create schedules, and generate reports.   With nothing to download and no additional components to install, our bulk SMS service is available anytime and anywhere.
  • Email to SMS lets you use your favourite email system to send SMS messages to your staff and customers using your existing contact and get replies delivered right to your Inbox.
  • SMS APIs enable you to automate your business processes and communications with a comprehensive range of APIs and SDKs.   We provide full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications

Top tips for successful SMS marketing

MessageMedia have fifteen years’ experience delivering business SMS solutions, so we’ve come to know what works.  If you’ve decided to choose SMS for your next marketing campaign, here are a few important points to consider:

1. Personalisation: text messages are a way to engage with your customer on a very personal level, so be sure to target your communications properly.   Be very clear who you want to contact, use their name and then speak to them in the language they use, offering solutions and products that speak to their particular business needs and current concerns.

Sophisticated SMS solutions, utilising two-way messaging and dedicated numbers will be able to tag message responses, so you know which message or campaign the person is responding to.  This will enable you to build ever more accurate customer profiles, for even greater personalisation.

2. Pay attention to timing: most people have their phone with them most of the time, so you don’t need to worry that your message won’t be received.  What you do need to consider, however, is the appropriateness of your timing.  Our research shows that the optimal time to receive business messages, is mid to late afternoon on weekdays.  You don’t want to risk having your message arrive at your customer’s handset at 2am.

MessageMedia’s flexible SMS products and reliable service give you the control to ensure that your direct marketing campaigns are timed and executed to the minute.  We offer a 99.95% gateway uptime guarantee, and a range of onshore and hybrid messaging services.

  1. 3. Dnt use txt spk, lol: this is a business marketing message, use real words and correct grammar.  Writing for business SMS is like writing for the web.  Shorter sentences and more direct concepts are best.  MessageMedia offer concatenation for our business SMS services, so there’s no need to restrict yourself to 160 characters.
  1. 4. Keep it simple: it applies to all marketing, including your SMS marketing activity.  In fact, especially for your SMS marketing!  Even with concatenated messaging you will still only have a limited number of characters to get your message across.  So keep it clean and simple with a clear call to action.
  1. 5. Provide details: provide complete and clear instructions as to what your message receiver needs to do with the message.  Two-way messaging is perfect for follow up actions like opt-in opt-out marketing, just be sure to give your customers clear instructions.  Reply YES to opt in!
  1. 6. Be memorable: use a recognisable sender name or number so your customers will recognise and remember you.  By using dedicated numbers[link] and sender names, you can make your SMS marketing campaign a part of a larger marketing effort.  Dedicated numbers can be advertised right across your print, video and web channels.
  1. 7. Use attention-getting language: like a headline or an advertisement.  Start your messages with positive, enticing words, like Offer or News or Free.  Your language should stimulate your customer to take the desired action; to call, or reply or click that link.
  1. 8. Test, modify, test, modify and test again: test every message before you send it to be absolutely certain you get it right.  One of the best ways to do this is to use an integrated SMS solution that will enable you to automate the whole SMS process.  With no manual input needed from staff, you will be able to save time and remove the chance of errors.  MessageMedia’s robust fully supported APIs allow full integration into your business systems.

MessageMedia are the SMS marketing experts

Our business is as much about people as it is about technology. We listen to our customers, identifying the ideal solution for your needs and evaluating the outcomes from your campaign. We have integrated easy to use reporting and management tools to track and measure the success of your SMS campaign, backed by a dedicated account management team, 24/7 support and a seamless billing process.

MessageMedia has the expertise and experience to deliver your SMS marketing solution – contact us today.