Case Studies in SMS Solutions for Not for Profits

SMS solutions – not for profits

Effectively engage volunteers and reduce your communication costs with SMS

While marketing a non-profit organisation is very different than marketing a for-profit business, there is at least one thing that remains the same: budgets. One of the major benefits of SMS is its comparatively low cost to implement – a great solution for not for profits.

We help organisations make use of SMS technology to free up resources, cut admin time, raise money, communicate with members and run rosters. Here are just some of the ways an SMS solution will benefit your not for profit:

Fund-raiser promotions

  • Use SMS to foster one-on-one relationships with sponsors and your fund-raising community
  • Boost donations through SMS reminders and marketing messages
  • Request specific donations such as items in short supply that are needed urgently
  • Use keyword marketing to build subscribers
  • Increase volunteer numbers and support

Event and news notifications

  • Create awareness of any events that the organization is planning to hold, and use SMS to confirm event dates and times.
  • Announce contests, public meetings, fundraising activity, staffing changes, or key milestones to keep your community engaged and informed.
  • Broadcast available roster slots, allowing members to self select and fill the gaps

Volunteer management

  • Drive volunteer support by sending occasional reminders that you are looking for help.
  • Attract new volunteers by asking current volunteers to bring along a friend to introductory or short-term projects.
  • Use two-way messaging to communicate with volunteers during events to keep them up to date with event progress or goal achievement

Cut costs

  • SMS is by far the most cost-effective method of contacting customers and staff for ad-hoc or periodic communications. SMS is cheaper than phoning, mailing and more effective than sending an email.
  • SMS can automate business processes, reduce staff overheads and improve efficiency, further reducing your costs.

Our not for profit customers use our software dependent on their need. Larger organisations integrate SMS into their software applications to lift productivity. Others need only a Web to SMS capability. A few use email to SMS.

No matter what your organisation needs, we can help you pull it together. Try our no obiligation SMS free trial today.

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